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Saara Kantanen: from aesthetical floorwork to advanced full-suspensions SOLD OUT!

10. veebruar @ 10:00 - 11. veebruar @ 17:00

380€ – 430€

Dear rope lovers!


We are happy to present a weekend workshop led by the wonderful Shibaritsuru aka Saara Kantanen, a well known switch from Finland who has been teaching both topping and bottoming all over Europe and Finland. Finally, it’s her time to come and share her awesome knowledge in Köieparadiis, Tallinn!


What’s going to happen:


SATURDAY, 10.02.2024


In the SATURDAY workshop, we will practice basic patterns, body handling, and non-verbal communication with ropes. Feel free to bring a friend or your partner. If you’re familiar with basic patterns like single- and double-column ties, counter tension, and futomomo, you’re welcome to join this intermediate-level workshop. Solid ties and proficient floorwork are prerequisites for suspension techniques. The workshop will also cover creating secure uplines and practicing semi-suspensions using a ring.


In the SUNDAY workshop, we will continue our practice, incorporating the patterns we learned on Saturday. The workshop will begin with semi-suspensions and progress to full-suspensions, along with exploring some predicament ties.

You are welcome to join this intermediate/advanced-level workshop, but please note that a weekend workshops ticket is required for participation.


About the teacher Saara Kantanen


Shibari has become a way of life and a passion for Saara. She’s been working several years shibari as her main job. She organizes popular workshops in her farm and many places in Europe: selftying, weekend workshops for couples and private sessions and tuitions. Saara will participate in several events this year both in Finland and abroad.


Saara thinks it’s more important to share the energy and exchange the feelings than learn the most complicated patterns. She creates the open and safe space where the model is the empty canvas to paint. All the feelings and emotions are allowed. Safety comes when there is connection, and connection comes when there is the trust. Saara gives herself to the models, for them to feel more.


At the moment Saara is focusing Naka Style and learning it with KinbakuLuxuria teachers. Kinbaku LuXuria is a traditional style, which directly descends from Naka-ryu. Semenawa, the tormenting rope, is the word that resume the mood of this style. Saara’s speciality is to make beautiful suspensions with many transitions during one session. The performances takes the audience into a magical, aesthetic, passionate and emotional atmosphere.




This course is for intermediate/advanced level rope enthusiasts.

You can participate only on Saturday or Sunday but note the pricing is the same as the weekend course.

Every excercise is tied only one way: if you want to change the dynamic, you have to swap between the ties.

More than welcome to participate in the Saturday evening rope-jam and performance by Saara Kantanen.

This course is held in English




Early-bird: 380 EUR until 10th of January

Regular: 430 EUR

PLACE IS SECURED WITH THE DEPOSIT 100 EUR (not refundable unless you find someone else taking your place in the course)


Places for ONLY 8 couples!!!




10. veebruar @ 10:00
11. veebruar @ 17:00
380€ – 430€


Tartu mnt 80j
Tallinn, 10112 Estonia
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Heidi Hanso
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